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Dylan and I in class together (: (at Art Institute of Indianapolis)
is that my BREAKING DAWN tickets?! (:
New Tumblr.

This is now my old tumblr.
Thanks for everything.
If you want you are welcome to re-follow me at
I still will get on here to check things out,
so feel free to ask me questions if you need to get in touch with me.
Sarah Rose.

okay, so what i have done is..

I’ve changed this url to my old one.

my new one is now

i may keep this one up just for the sake of it, BUT if you are wanting to follow me now,
then either find me at the
or just hit me up in a message, and i’ll be more than happy to find you (:

Thank You!

It’s official. I have decided..

to start a WHOLE NEW tumblr account. So for anyone who is following me and cares, just like this post and I WILL be sure to follow you back so you can find me, or message you. whatever you want me to do. If you really care.

I will be writing down a few tumblr’s like i’d like to follow on my new account. So thanks, (:

okay well i was thinking that since i’m kind of getting back on my feet a liddle after the past couple weeks, i’ve been thinking about things in a new kinda way. so i was thinking maybe around June First or possibly after this quarter of classes, I am going to start my Tumblr all over again.

For anyone who cares.

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