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bored before bed (:nighty night my fellow followers.<3 
doing my homework with nicki minaj (:
i’m getting this back friday morning, fuck this long hair shit. this was the real me.
Headlines by Drake. right now. (:
day off of classes (:
my first day back in indy before classes start monday… /:oh here we go. 
i’m so bored. hahamy hair is getting way to long.  
oooh yeah, first photo taken for tumblr with the new iMac (:yeah buddy. lol 
dear sarah;

you may feel small now. that no one is there for you. but you have to remember that you don’t always need friends; the saying is “they come and go” because they do… you just have to learn to figure out who is in true need of your friendship, and if they really cared, they would do everything they could to be your friend… because yes you can be brutal, and yes you can be a bad friend, but those things can be overlooked due to the fact that you are a very good friend. you are always there, you don’t play games, you don’t tell people what they want to hear, and most of all you care. you care so much that when those friends walk away from you, you have no other choice besides blaming yourself; because you feel like you have done something wrong… you blame yourself for their mistakes and misjudgements, but in reality babe, you aren’t their problems, they are. they have to learn how to fight their own battles and figure out who their real friends are. in the end; they will never forget you, because you were there for them when no one else really was… you were their rock, their best friend.. you were like family to them. so you can sit here and sob about how hard it is to let them go, or you can give up on wasting moments that you could be sharing with people who actually are trying to be in your life.. because these walls you put up babe; they aren’t for not letting people, they are put there so you don’t get out. people need to see the real you, the person that everyone would easily know and love. the person who behind those soft eyes, cares for everyone no matter how hard she tries not to. she only has to fight herself everyday because she has so much anger built inside of her, that she can only think of one person who truly “deserves” for it to be taken out on; and that happens to be herself.

the reason why she is so brutal to everyone else is because; she can’t be fully honest with herself, she don’t know how to be.. she has taught herself to hide her emotions from herself and to not care no matter what.. these battles you face everyday.. they aren’t worth it babe. you are so much better than that, you are beautiful in and out. and until you start telling yourself that, you are going to end up in pain forever; instead of having fun with life sarah. you are so amazing and you are wasting moments with people you could be living the rest of your life with… with family who may or may not always be there… with new people who are wanting for you to be in their life… sarah you are perfect… you are amazing… and you are someone’s world.. and until you realize all this, you are going to be wasting life that could be your most precious times.

don’t be afraid to show yourself, love you for who you are… because if you don’t.. what makes you think other people will?

Sarah Rose Brown.

yeah, goodnight world of tumblr friends (: